As The Leader Grows with Ken Joslin

Coaching with Ken | 3 Relationships Every Entrepreneur Needs

August 28, 2023 Ken Joslin
As The Leader Grows with Ken Joslin
Coaching with Ken | 3 Relationships Every Entrepreneur Needs
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What if I told you that the secret to personal and professional growth lies in relationships? Welcome, dedicated listeners, to a riveting exploration of the three spheres of relationships: community, circle, and corner. This episode offers insights into the importance of community, acquaintances, and that one trusted individual in our lives. Hear about my GSD community and unearth how it's nurturing people's business acumen.

Delving into the value of mentors, peers, and mentees, we discuss how they can significantly influence our lives. Drawing from my personal relationship with Jeannie Mayo and Sally Bell, I hope to inspire you to consider who you are investing your time and wisdom in. In a world of sugar-coated truths, the need for individuals who have the courage to point out our blind spots is a recurring theme in this thought-provoking episode.

Lastly, to all the budding entrepreneurs out there, we discuss the importance of character and integrity in your journey. I share an enlightening encounter with a young entrepreneur contemplating buying a McLaren, emphasizing the potential pitfalls of such a decision and the irreplaceable value of mentorship and guidance. Towards the end, we reveal some exciting news about the much-awaited Sundance Utah - a GSD elite mastermind event coming up in November. This episode is an enriching blend of lessons, insights, and announcements. So fasten your seat belts, and let's embark on this enlightening journey together.

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Speaker 1:

Good morning and welcome to another episode of as the leader grows. I am your host, ken Jocelyn, and I'm catching my breath. I just finished a killer Peloton ride. It is early, early, early Monday morning and probably wouldn't be near as bad, but I actually went to f45 yesterday afternoon. Lot on my mind normally Sunday, obviously, is our five hours rest, relax, replenious, review and refocus. Yesterday, man, I just had to. Got so much going on. So many amazing things happening, big news coming soon and I just, man, I had to. For me, I just need a good, solid workout. I crushed it yesterday, set up three PRs, I think what calories, highest score in that specific workout, and heart rate Yesterday was top in the class out of about I don't know 15, 16 people in the class. Yesterday I was locked in. So this morning, man, my body was like hey, whoa, hold up. Big boy, you're supposed to rest yesterday and you did so anyway. Peloton got me, but it was good, good sweat this one. I was pouring sweat quick today after yesterday's workout. But, guys, I'm super excited to be able to talk about what I really feel like is my sweet spot, my gift, what God's really called me to to do, and in is his relationships. I'm a connector, I've been that way. I remember. If you're a person of faith, this may resonate with you. But, man, back in 1993, when I first gave my life to Christ, my I started. All of my friends and Family members started coming to Christ because of what God did in my life and I never forget. My pastor pulled me aside and he goes man, god's giving you the gift, like Andrew, one of the disciples. He said you are a connector, you connect people. And that was 30 years ago and here I am still Connecting people. I love to connect people, it's what I do, it's my passion. Anytime I meet somebody at when I meet them I had Shawn Mike on the podcast we dropped that last Wednesday unbelievable entrepreneur I'm already thinking in my head, already processing in my head who this guy, who do I need to connect him with? Who does he need to know? And I do that with everybody I meet. And especially when I connect with somebody at a level where I'm like, okay, this person really fits all the different attributes or all the values that I have as far as character, integrity, authenticity, man, who can I connect it with to help the dream that God's put on the inside of him come to fruition. So today I want to talk about, I want to bounce. I want to bounce real quick back to last week's podcast where I talked about self-awareness and my good friend said you know, I ask him you know, dude, if you bought my company, what would you have me do If I stayed on? What would you have me do? What would you not let me touch? And he said the number one thing. Kenny said you need to understand you have too many people in your life that tell you how amazing you are, which is not a bad thing. I mean, we need people to encourage us. Literally the word encouragement means to add courage to it's, like people come along and breathe courage into you. You need those things, but you also have got to have people in your life who will see truth because, listen, we all have blind spots. So there's anything you take away from today's, today's podcast, it's we all have blind spots. We all need people to be able to lovingly point out things that they see in our life. And that is the first in my podcast last week was a journey to self-awareness. It's the first step of being self-aware is knowing. Ok, I've got these people in my life for a reason. They're not there on accident, they literally are there for a reason. So I talk a lot about three spheres of relationships. I talk a lot about community, circle and corner. Community is that large group of people you travel with. For us it's our GSD community, which are GSD elite, mastermind. Whatever level you are in business, there's a, there's an entry point for you in our Grist at Drive community. And for some of you guys it's our online community, where we do a couple coaching calls a week and this morning at 7 AM central time, with about 20 to 25 entrepreneurs who will hop on and we'll talk about. We'll talk about you know this week what's going on. We'll literally. It's a point where we're just getting. We're getting fired up about you know what God's put in our heart and getting really focused on the week and energized. We do a Wednesday night call. We theme out every single month. We've been the last couple months. We've been on Think and Grow Rich. This past week I talked about the power or the principle of your partner, which is hugely important. I've had friends like Sharon Lecter come in. I've had friends like Greg Reed, gary Breck, a Vic Keller. People will pop in and join us. We theme out a month on health. Gary will join us. Business and finance, vic Keller will pop in, brent Gove will pop in, randy Garn will pop in. So wherever you're at in business, there's always a starting point for you. Some people, your starting point is right here on our podcast, but I just encourage you to go to growstatdrivecom for our community and check out your options. If you're a high, six, seven or eight figure entrepreneur, it's going to be our GSD Elite Mastermind, like that would be. Your community. Your circle is those 10 or 12 people you spend the most time with. These are some of the most important relationships in your life. You have got to have these relationships in your life Super important. It's the 10 or 12 people you spend the most time with. And then the last and I talk about these a lot because this is super important. I think it's the number one thing Relationships and mindset. I would say if I'm teaching this, if I'm giving a talk, it's going to be proximity and mindset. The last one is your corner, excuse me, the 10 to. I mean, I'm sorry, the three to five people that have. The three to five people that have a 10,000 foot view on your life, that are there for you. They're the ones that speak into your life. They're the ones that see the blind spots. They're the ones that aren't afraid to come to you and help sharpen you. Proverbs 2717 talks about iron, sharpening iron, and every time I read that verse, or somebody makes reference to that verse, I always think about that old. I turned 55 a couple of weeks ago. So I think about that old Marine commercial back from the 80s, where they're talking about being forged in the steel and it's got the blacksmith and he's hammered on this piece of metal. You have no idea what it is and as a commercial goes through, you realize he's making a sword. In the very end there's this Marine in dress, blues, and then all of a sudden he just you know like he's, you know, coming to attention, he takes that sword and just flips it up really quick along his side and it's just this beautiful, shiny object. And that, literally, is what those kind of relationships are for. It's for us. It's for us being sharpened and that's an uncomfortable process. Like I said, that Marine commercial, man that he's, it's in the fire, they're beating on it with a hammer, it's hot. It's uncomfortable to be moldable, to have someone speak in your life. It was uncomfortable for me a few weeks ago, you know, when I spent 45 minutes and my friend was just going in. Every five minutes he'd go, hey, are you okay? And I'm like dude, I'm good, I need to hear the truth and listen again. I need to hear the truth when things are good and when things aren't good, but it's easier to hear it when you're when you're crushing it and you're doing really, really well and a lot of people, guys, we don't have a lot of people in our lives that can speak truth to us. So, community circle corner, those are the three relationships, the three spheres of relationships we have. I want to talk specifically about three relationships, three types of relationships that we have to have in our life in order to reach our full potential, in order for us to squeeze every ounce of what God put on the inside of us. And for those of you guys that aren't aren't people of faith, that's perfect. You're in a great spot today, but I'm gonna use some some scripture reference in this Number one. We've all got to have three relationships and they kind of correlate a little bit with Community circle corner, number one. We've all, we've all got to have a Paul in our life. So if you're not familiar with scripture in the New Testament, paul wrote two-thirds of the New Testament. He's probably one of the greatest Disciples and Men of faith that the Bible references. So Paul wrote two-thirds of the New Testament all the epistles to the New Testament, the majority of the new, the epistles, the letters to the New Testament Church. Paul wrote all these, and so Paul was a mentor To a lot of people. He was a mentor to be still a mentor to People of faith today that that are Christ followers. He's still a mentor. He's one that he's one that again pinned two-thirds of the New Testament and a lot of people look at how God used him to be able to write scripture, to be able to live their lives, their values, their character, their ethics, that, the way that they, the way that they Get up every single day and the way they live their lives and the way they allow the character, nature of who God is to reflect in their Life. So Paul would be a mentor. Every single one of us have got to have a mentor in our life. Every single one of us have got to have mentors. Who is a mentor to you and obviously a mentor, somebody who's been down the road, that's, further along the road than you are and I'll never forget I was Youth pastoring back in oh my gosh, probably 1998, 1999, our youth ministry was Exploded several hundred students, we'd raised a lot of money, we had opened one of the first youth facilities in the country I mean one of the first ones maybe a handful of people, 7200 square feet, I had several hundred students coming and this was in a you know, this was in a church of five, six hundred people and it was that where the average youth ministry was about 10%. So if you had, you know, fit, 500, 600, maybe 700, on some Sundays you'd have 60 to 70 For a number of students in your youth ministry would be a solid, healthy number. And we were, we were almost, we were 300 some nights, over 400 students and we were literally Absolutely blowing it up and one of my mentors I go to go to Gatlinburg for this huge, huge Student conference One of my friends the next relationship that we'll talk about one of my peers, richard, was speaking there and Jeannie Mayo was one of my mentors then and and this was kind of the introduction to her and and we were behind stage. She was about to go on to speak. There's about 4,000 students there at this conference and I go behind stage and Jeannie had her Bible there and Richard introduced us and she opens her Bible and she pulls out. She pulls out one of my, one of my, in one of my cards, my mailers for the conference. It was called obviously create was the name of my conference back then, which is where the name came from. Today she pulls up, she pulls it out of her Bible and she looks at it and it was I had. Obviously Richard was speaking there, my good friend, ron, danny chambers, just some guys that were mentors and peers in my life at the time and she just looked at me. She goes hey, god has put me in your life to Be able to help you avoid the landmines and the potholes that are coming down the road that you do not know is there she was. She's about 15, 20 years older than me and been in youth ministry for about two decades longer than I had at the time and so it was a great relationship. It was a great mentor relationship. I tell people all the time. She taught me how to have fun with my students. She taught me how to. It's funny because she used to always say she'd say the group that plays together stays together. And she and she would always say she would say A lot of you thought I just said pray together, but obviously that's a given because you're, you're in ministry and you're, you know, in church and you've got all these students together. That's a given. But it's a group that plays together, stays together. And she taught me. She taught me how to have fun. She taught me how to enjoy our students and put them in an atmosphere of fun. And so every single one of us we've got to have mentors. I have had some amazing mentors in my life and everything that I've done. I look back and I'm like I'm blown away at the people God's put in my life. From Sally Bell, the probably the most decorated women's official in the history of basketball, if not the top, she's in the top two or three, several final fours, I think, 11, 12, 13,. Ncaa women's final fours in national championship games. One of the founding officials for the WNBA worked the Olympics in Atlanta in 96. She was a division one coordinator for, I believe, seven division one conferences when she retired a couple three years ago. Well, the first time I stepped out on the floor to referee high school basketball, sally was my clinician. My supervisors, doc and Nan, were both in the SEC. Nan actually worked, I think, one or two national championships, final fours in women's college basketball. She worked the Olympics in Greece in 2000. And when I say they work the Olympics, they pick one woman and one man from each country. She was the one that was chosen. Like these people, these people are the people that actually taught me how to to officiate, to referee high school and college basketball. Like you have to have mentors in your life. Second second relationship you need you need peers. You need a lot of peers. This is a lot of iron, sharpening iron as well, and so in scripture we call that a Barnabas relationship. Palm Barnabas traveled together all throughout the New Testament. They were together. They went from town to town, basically sharing what we would call the gospel or the good news of who Jesus is and how he gave his life up for us. And so every single one of us need a Barnabas, and the word Barnabas was it meant the son of an encourager. So we all need peers in our life that encourage us. That, literally, is so funny. I'm sitting here doing this and Brian Covey texts me. Brian is a Brian is a peer of mine. He is someone who is a constant encourager. I'm sitting here early, early in the morning, and I get a text from Brian and you need peers in your life. So you need mentors is the top level. You need peers which are people that are on your level, people that are going after the same thing like-minded, same vision, same passion, same values. And so those people in your life are there for a couple of reasons. Number one they're there to encourage. They're there to speak life into you when you need life spoken into you. Because the reality of it is, guys, is is we make it look really, really good on social media, on Instagram and all the stuff. We make it look amazing, but the reality of it is is it's life's heart. Sometimes it can be very, very difficult. So you've got your mentor relationship, which is Paul. You've got your peer relationship, which is Barnabas, and every single one of us need a mentee, which would be again, if you're a person of faith in the New Testament would be someone like Timothy. So Timothy was a young, a young Christ follower that Paul actually mentored. He's got two books that he's written in the New Testament, first and second Timothy. So obviously he didn't do too bad because God thought it necessary for his two letters that he wrote to wind up in scripture. But every single one of us has got to have people that we're pouring into. So the question I want to ask you today is who are you pouring into? Who are the people in your life that you're spending time with to be able to mentor yourself? Who are the people that you are taking what you've learned? And this is the one thing again Jeannie said to me that night, standing behind the stage. She said can? I'm in your life for a couple reasons. I'm in your life to help you avoid the landmines and the potholes that are coming down the road. I know that part of my call, part of my vision, part of what God's literally put in front of me with GSD, is to help younger entrepreneurs high six figure, seven figure entrepreneurs not blow it. And I'll never forget guys. I'm sitting in a condo. I'm not even going to tell you where I was at around the country. I'm sitting in a condo with a young man who was, by all definition, crushing it. I mean crushing it and he was asking me the question. This is late. He's asking me the question hey, I've got cash and I'm thinking about buying a McLaren. What are your thoughts? I think at the time he was 22, 23 years old, making about a million bucks a year. I said, dude, to be the worst mistake in the world you could make, you do not need a McLaren. You know, I get the whole Instagram stuff. I get all the stuff. If you've got an itch, just go rent one for a day or rent one for the weekend. Get it out of you and get your head down and focus and locked in on business. We're having this conversation. The one thing I loved about this young kid was he would take notes. We're literally two minutes in the conversation. He goes hang on just one second. I forget he got to be walked out. He walked in his bedroom. He came back. We sat down at the table for like an hour and a half, two hours and I'm just, I'm just sharing with him. He's taken all these notes and I said I said, bro, you should consider letting me coach you. And he goes oh, I don't, I don't need a coach, I don't need a business coach. I've got so and so and so, and so is my business coach, and I said I said you don't need a coach in business. I understand that, but what you do need a coach for at your age is to not ruin everything that you have, because at 23 years old and you're a seven figure entrepreneur and you live in the life and you're talking about buying a McLaren, you've got money to do all the stuff you want to do. The danger for you isn't whether or not you do business well, the danger is whether or not your character and integrity can keep up with your business growth. And I literally sat there with him that night and as after, I shared with him and my heart was to help this young guy and since then, man he's, he's hit several landmines, several landmines, cease and desist orders, all kinds of things have come against him, court cases, I mean it's just, it's been, it's been a nightmare, which which again leans into the importance of having these three relationships having a, having a mentor, somebody to pour into you, having a peer, somebody to encourage you and then having a mentee, somebody that you're pouring into as well, and it's it's. It's cool when things like that kind of come full circle, because just in the last six months to eight months, he's started reaching back out to me and and is, and is really kind of inquisitive and asking for a relationship and wanting to, to get into a, a Kind of a coaching relationship to be able to help. And again, it's not. This isn't business, this is it. This is a character and integrity issue, because I've heard TD jakes say this all the time God never let my gift Get larger, or never let my platform get larger than the foundation of my character and integrity, because my character and integrity is what keeps me in In it. What's? It's what keeps me and enables me to be on that platform. Outside of my character and integrity. If I don't have character, integrity and I grow too fast, I've got too much coming in. It literally is a recipe for disaster. So ask yourself three questions, three relationships Do I have a mentor, a good, solid mentor? And if you don't listen, I want to encourage you gross that, drive, comm forward, slash community. You need to hop in In our community. I'm telling you it's only 6k a year. That comes with an executive ticket to create conference. That's a $1,500 ticket. It is a no-brainer. Every Monday morning, every Wednesday night, all three of my online courses on mindset, strategy, leadership development in our private Facebook community. We're about to run a challenge in September. It's gonna be phenomenal, but it's a no-brainer. It's an on-ramp for pretty much every and any entrepreneur. Get in, get some not only Mentorship, but then in that community you're gonna find some peers. You're gonna find some people that are there that are gonna encourage you. They're gonna hold you accountable to the goals that you set for yourself when we talk about our core five and faith, healthy relationship, business and finances. They're gonna be men and women in that group. I've got startup entrepreneurs. I've got entrepreneurs doing nearly a hundred million dollars a year in sales and all in between. You're gonna find people in that group to Be a mentor, to be a peer and be an encourager, and you're probably also gonna find some people in that group for some of you guys that are a little further along in business. You're gonna find some people that need that need Mentorship that you can actually speak into their life and help them develop and help them grow. So, guys, as always, if this podcast has helped you, I'm gonna ask you to a couple things would be huge for me and our team If you'd smash that, that review button. Give us a five-star review. Listen, take this, this podcast, snap a screenshot, share it on your social media, on Instagram. I'll give you some love and I'll take that and share that as well and give you a love from, from my followers, and try to get you some more. Try to get you some more followers as well. But anyway, I would love for you to do that also. Guys, if you are a faith-based entrepreneur, high-six figure, seven, eight figure, you do not want to miss Sundance Utah. It's coming November, the first through the fifth. It is our GSD elite mastermind three days With several dozen of the top entrepreneurs in the world. We're gonna spend three days talking about faith, health, relationship, business and finances. Friends like Erwin McManus, vic Keller, randy Garn, gary Brecca. It's, it's going to be a phenomenal Final times and, guys, we've got some huge, huge news coming down the pipe. But good, you can go check some information on that. Gross that, drivecom forward, slash Sundance. Grow, stack, drive Dot com forward, slash Sundance. I'll see you guys next week. Go crush it.

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